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Hey why not have another website!!
This one is free isn't it??

My Hobbies

VWs and Audis
Roller skates
and other things with 4 wheels.

Cheap Tricks
Modification of Sandblaster for Spot Blasting

Jeeps and Jeep Files
My 88 Grand Wagoneer
My 88 Jeep Cherokee
My Jeep parts for sale, trade or free in Chicago!!

1990 Jeep Cherokee Front Hub Assembly in Pieces
1990 Jeep Cherokee Front Hub Housing
Tom Collins Page with FSJ Wiring Diagrams

Volkswagen & Audi Files
Audi (Passat) 1.8t Oil Cooler Failure
Distributor Seal Replacement Procedure, 16V Engine

1990 Passat Dash
1993 Passat Dash Loose
1993 Passat Dash Out
1993 Passat Heater Core Out
1995 Jetta 2.0 engine
1995 Jetta 2.0 engine from side
1994 Jetta 2.0 radiator job 01
1994 Jetta 2.0 radiator job 02

created May 03, 2003

modified January 05, 2008

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